Bangla Sanglap receives SME News Greater London Enterprise Award 2021

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By Muhammed Shahed Rahman :
Bangla Sanglap received the 2021 award for the best emerging ethnic news media publication in Britain from London.

The award given to Bangla Sanglap was considered because it had inspired the nation by publishing mainstream news, investigative reports on the coronavirus epidemic, and covering the latest news.

The award organisation AI Global Media said that despite various problems and challenges caused by the epidemic, we are honoured to recognise Bangla Sanglap’s unique contribution as a prosperous emerging news media publication in the capital as a testament to perseverance and dedication.

Journalist Md Mushahid Ali has been editing the award-winning Bangla Sanglap for the last ten years. Published from London, Bangla Sanglap is ethnic newspaper that publishes mainstream news. The newspaper started its journey from East London in 2010. Since then, Bangla Sanglap has been making a unique contribution to honest, courageous and objective journalism.

The newspaper is published in two languages, Bengali and English, to inspire a new generation of Bengalis in Britain. During the coronavirus epidemic, Bangla Sanglap encouraged the 500,00 strong British Bangladeshi community to vaccinate. At the same time, the paper was always in the forefront in creating public awareness. Bangla Sanglap was aware of the safety messages of the British government regarding Covid. The paper has been helping the community by distributing free masks, hand sanitisers and PPEs.

The editor and director of this paper, Md Mushahid Ali was happy to receive this award. He said that it is not impossible to achieve the desired success if you work towards your objective and goal. The organisation has recognised our work, so we are grateful to them. Bangla Sanglap has been with the community for eleven long years and will continue to in any crisis.

The SME News Greater London Enterprise Awards 2021 is organised annually by the mainstream organisation Al Global Media Limited.

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