If you’re looking for flexible and rewarding work – a career in adult social care could be perfect for you

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If you have been looking for a meaningful career where you’ll be able to make a real difference to people’s lives every single day, consider adult social care. It doesn’t matter whether you have any previous experience in the sector, if you’re passionate about helping others, you may be the perfect candidate. Roles in adult social care can offer lots of flexibility, depending on where you’d like to work or what you want to do.
As a busy mum, Nasima chose to pursue a career in adult social care as it offered the flexibility to balance work and her other commitments, enabling her to progress within a role she loves without compromising quality time with her family.

“I’m very lucky that my employer and I were able to agree on a schedule that works for both of us.” Says Nasima. “This is a great job for anyone who has a family. Some of my colleagues even work half days so that they can pick up their kids from school.”

As a part time Healthcare Assistant in a nursing home, Nasima finds her job sociable and rewarding. The work she does primarily enables residents to be as independent as possible through the support she offers them. She also points out that where she works fosters a culture of kindness and patience which is important for her. “I love spending one-on-one time with residents, reading books, and playing board games,” says Nasima. “It is so rewarding.”
When Nasima first started her job, she was offered plenty of development opportunities including on-the-job training, formal training courses, and shadowing of other members of staff, ensuring she gained the skills and confidence to work independently.
And it doesn’t stop there, four years on Nasima continues her career progression and is about to complete a Level 2 qualification in Health and Social Care with the support of her employer. “I’m thinking of applying for a Nursing Assistant position once I’ve completed my course as that means I’ll have more responsibility and will be qualified to give medication to residents,” she says.
Nasima has been able to develop close bonds with some of the residents by using her fluent Bengali and it has definitely helped to make them feel more comfortable. It’s also given her an opportunity to work on her English, which has helped her confidence grow and has made meeting new people and making friends even more enjoyable.

Nasima feels a great sense of camaraderie working in care, she really enjoys working with her team, and feels so supported especially in challenging situations.

Nasima highly recommends a career in adult social care. “It’s a great job that offers flexibility and opportunities for training and development – where you can make a real difference to people’s lives.”
If you’re searching for a flexible job that allows you to make a positive difference like Nasima, consider a job in adult social care. Visit www.adultsocialcare.co.uk to find out more and apply.

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