Exclusive Interview with Detective Chief Inspector Yasmin Lalani

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Bangla Sanglap Report:
Yasmin Lalani, who is a Detective Chief Inspector of the DCI Public Protection Team. Here is her Exclusive interview with Bangla Sanglap about police services .

Question: How long have you been in the MPS?
Answer: 20 years.

Question: Why did you decide to join the MPS?
Answer: What were you doing before? It’s the best police service in the world. I was a member of Police Staff for 2 years prior to moving across to a policing role.

Question: What was the reaction from your family when you decided to become a police officer?
Answer: Supportive and my father was pleasantly surprised – 10 years later he told me he was proud of me and that I had made his dream come true – he had always wanted to be a police officer but my grandad wouldn’t let him

Question: What does your work entail? What does a typical day look like?
Answer: Community Safety Unit – Domestic Abuse, Child Abuse Investigations, Serious Sexual Assaults – helping vulnerable victims of crime; sharing knowledge and training with staff, ensuring everyone’s health and wellbeing. Being supportive and positive that there is a way out.

Question: What are the challenges you and your team are facing at this time?
Answer: Victims unwilling to assist police investigation after making that initial call – 999 or through 3rd party – I would like to reassure them that we take allegations seriously and we are here to help you – please trust us to be there for you and help you

Question: What’s the most satisfying part of being a police officer?
Answer: Helping and safeguarding people, getting the best results for victims – adults / children and ensuring we offer help to perpetrators to break the cycle of re offending

Question: What’s the part that is least enjoyable?
Answer: Seeing children and vulnerable adults caught up in situations – however we know we can help them through partnership / community work and we do – we have strong community / partnerships and all working towards a safer London

Question: What would you say to any members of black and minority ethnic communities who have aspirations to join the police service?
Answer: Please join the MPS – you will love it and we welcome you with open arms – the MPS has changed over the years; it is a diverse / inclusive place – I am holding my hand out – contact me. I with colleagues will help you along your journey – you will wonder why you didn’t join sooner; enjoy it – that’s the advice someone gave me all those years ago and I have no regrets – I am still doing the best job with the best police service in the world

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