‘Meeting the police officers ‘Behind the Badge’ in the Metropolitan Police Service’

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Bangla Sanglap Report:
Metropolitan police Sergeant Mohammed Uddin, who is an officer in the Safer Neighbourhoods Team working in Hackney. Here is an interview with Bangla Sanlap about police service:

Question: What is your role?
Answer: I am a Neighbourhood Police Sergeant for HOMERTON and Victoria Park . I am also the lead coordinator for Ramadhan mosque Engagement/ Security for Hackney Police .

Question: How long have you worked for the Met?
Answer: I have worked for the Met Police for nearly 18 years

Question: What made you want to join?
Answer: I joined the police as I always wanted to do a job that enables me to make a difference in society and have an positive impact on people. I wanted to be a role model for the younger generation in the Bengali and Muslim community and to aspire them to join the police and serve the people of London.

Question: What is the most difficult part of your job?
Answer: The most difficult part of the job is dealing with victims and suspects of serious Youth violence. It saddens me knowing the young people getting involved in gangs / crime which potentially could have serious consequences.

Question: What is the best part of your job?
Answer: The best part of being a police officer is the satisfaction you received from helping a victim of crime , solving crimes and building trust within the community. Also knowing that you had an positive impact in keeping London safe.

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