Police make 14 arrests after thousands of activists descend on central London

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Bangla Sanglap Desk; Police have made 14 arrests after around 2,000 protesters descended on central London as part of a huge demonstration by climate group Extinction Rebellion.
One activist superglued herself to the gates of Buckingham Palace as the climate change group “held a memorial on Parliament Square to mark the loss of life our planet is experiencing”.
Scotland Yard said 14 people have been arrested on suspicion of causing criminal damage – including two people who are suspected of digging up grass in Parliament Square. Another was arrested on suspicion of causing damage to the Women at War memorial, a police spokesman said. Extinction Rebellion said one activist was arrested for spray-painting the extinction symbol on the grounds in front of the palace.
The activists blocked all of the roads around Parliament Square as they planned to bury a coffin which they said represented the future of life on the planet.
Images showed the coffin being marched to Downing Street and the gates of Buckingham Palace during Saturday’s rally, which reportedly attracted around 2,000 activists. Photos showed clashes between police and protesters, who said they aimed to highlight the “criminal inaction of the British Government in the face of the imminent ecological and climate emergency.”

Reading out a letter addressed to the Queen, activist Dr Gail Bradbook said: “We are facing the biggest threat to our entire realm and way of life in 1,000 years of our history.

“We know our rights and are in rebellion to save ourselves, our loved ones and our entire nation. We have asked our government to meet with us and address our demands.”The demonstration, named Rebellion Day 2, comes after days of protests on the capital’s roads during the last week which caused rush hour traffic to repeatedly grind to a halt.

Extinction Rebellion said it has no choice but to hold the demonstrations to draw attention to government inaction on pollution levels and climate change.

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