Queues line up for health advice at Eid in the Square

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Desk report: Every year, the Mayor of London’s Eid in the Square celebration welcomes people from around the country, to enjoy a host of cultural activities and tasty food stalls. This year’s theme of ‘Love For Everyone’, brought communities and families from all backgrounds together to celebrate, including a group of health professionals, working to boost the health of our communities.

The NHS, North-West London outreach team, British Islamic Medical Association (BIMA) and the London Muslim Health Network worked in partnership to give health information and advice to over 300 visitors to their health stall. Advice included how to protect your health by accessing help to stop smoking, keeping active and keeping up to date with vaccinations, immunisation and screening appointments. Health professionals also discussed the management of long-term conditions, access to mental health services and completed more than 120 free blood pressure and blood glucose level checks.

Newham-based GP, Dr Farzana Hussain, volunteered again at this year’s event. She said:

“It’s my second time as a volunteer at this event, as we seek to help our communities to stay healthier for longer.

“We spoke to hundreds of people their health and managing conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure, as well as about cancer and the importance of screening and accessing help early. We spoke to families about their children’s health, and how to protect them from measles and ensure they are up to date with all their childhood immunisations.”

With COVID-19 still here, people were also reminded about their COVID-19 vaccinations. Dr Hussain added:

“Most people have now taken up their offer of COVID-19 vaccination. But after 30 June, many people won’t be able to get COVID vaccines from the NHS. So, if you’ve only had one COVID-19 vaccination, or none at all, please book yours – before it’s too late.”

The NHS has provided COVID-19 vaccines for free, to all adults and children aged 5 and over. You are invited to get your COVID-19 vaccination if you have only had one dose or none at all. However, after 30 June, vaccines will only be available for people at higher risk from severe COVID-19, and for most people they will usually only be available seasonally.

You can also get a spring COVID-19 vaccination if you are at highest risk from COVID. This includes people who will be aged 75 and over by 30 June 2023, people with a weakened immune system, and residents of care homes for older adults (and half of eligible care home residents have had their jab already).

The COVID-19 vaccines offered by the NHS do not contain eggs, pork or beef. A newer vaccine (made by Sanofi-GSK) contains a shark-derived oil. Other NHS COVID vaccines contain no animal products, and Muslim scholars have said they are permissible and suitable for a halal diet.

To book your first, second or Spring COVID-19 vaccination (if eligible) book online at www.nhs.uk/COVIDvaccine or call NHS 111.


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